Product description
  • sporty down waistcoat with a small check pattern from a lightweight nylon fabric
  • filled with super soft down
  • this featherlight waistcoat has two front pockets and a small stand-up collar
  • the contrasting black piping has a robust appearance and gives the waistcoat a distinctive look
  • fits snugly and is fastened with a zip, and has a small pocket inside the waistcoat
  • easy to roll up and and ultra-small to tuck into the bag provided
  • suitable for any walk whether in the forest, over the fields or on the beach
Clothing & Fabric Care


  • 100% nylon

Fabric care

  • Advice on materialsDelicate drying
  • Advice on materialsDry-cleaning
  • Advice on materialsWet washing
  • Advice on materialsDo not dry-clean
  • Advice on materials60 ° Coloured wash setting
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This goes great with

Blouse Flee


Flee of OPUS

€59.95   €39.95

incl. btw, gratis verzending (vanaf € 50,00) en gratis retour

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incl. btw, gratis verzending (vanaf € 50,00) en gratis retour

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