• OPUS Outlet Oelde
  • OPUS Outlet Oelde
  • OPUS Outlet Oelde
  • OPUS Outlet Oelde
  • OPUS Outlet Oelde

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Your favourite pieces from surplus merchandise and second choice direct from the manufacturer.

Fashion Outlet Opening Hours

Monday-Friday: 10.00 - 19.00
Saturday: 10.00 - 18.00

Von Büren Allee 25, 59302 Oelde

There are at least four good reasons for a trip to Oelde:

  • The Opus factory outlet is directly adjacent to the highway exit Oelde
  • Pott's Nature Park Brewery – Find out more at: www.potts.de
  • The Vier-Jahrezeiten-Park (Four Seasons Park) – Find out more at: www.oelde.de
  • Zurbrüggen Einrichtungshaus (furniture store) – Find out more at: www.zurbrueggen.de

Benefits for you:
  • Free delivery* & returns
  • Payment by invoice **
  • The biggest range of products
  • Two shops - one basket

* on orders of €50.00 or more **, assuming a good credit rating

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Harvey satin

Harvey satin

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