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Slow food - local and fresh

Slow food - local and fresh

The motto "Eat seasonally, shop locally" does not only apply to private households. In the campus's own kitchen we use local produce and we have fresh fruit for snacks between meals. It comes mainly from the region. Because together, we can do something to strengthen local agriculture. Locally produced food is fresh and full of good ingredients. Proximity to the producers means transparency, responsibility, and trust. With increased demand for domestic products, we can also avoid unnecessary transport of foodstuffs in the future.

Several times a week there is an extensive lunch menu for employees and guests on the campus. Our creative chefs are always looking for new recipes and get their inspiration from modern recipe books and blogs all about food. Everything that happens in our in-house kitchen is done with the most loving handwork. Even wholesome bread with spelt, rye, and whole grains is baked ourselves. When preparing food, we generally adhere to a particularly gentle cooking method so that vitamins in the ingredients are preserved. In addition, the food is as low in fat and rich in vitamins as possible. The season does not only determine the collection, but also our diet. We cook based on the season and thus a wide variety of fruit and vegetables are used depending on the season. We also always have something suitable for people with allergies or who are vegetarian. In particular, the selection of salads always has exciting, new flavours.

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