Climate change begins with each individual


In times when global warming is progressing scarily, it is the responsibility of us humans to counteract this state that was caused by us. Climate change begins with each individual. We have therefore decided to do something about climate change together. As a company, we depend on the natural resources of our planet. What the environment offers us, we want to give back. We take great care to preserve and support the natural state of the landscape on the campus. As part of this, several thousand young trees were planted and many bee colonies were quartered on the new campus. The daily work processes were put under the microscope and optimised in terms of sustainable management. We have thus taken several measures to prevent unnecessary CO² emissions. Reduced paper consumption, the elimination of PET bottles, and our campus electric cars are only a few examples of how we conserve the world's natural resources. Even the campus buildings meet the most modern and environmentally-friendly policies. Even now we can proudly say that we have done a lot in recent years to protect the climate. We have dared to take a big step and are on a very good path towards sustainability. This has not only brought our company forwards, but it also protects the environment.

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