Bee Support Bees on campus

Bees are currently experiencing difficult times. Their populations are decreasing which in turn threatens our lives, as they contribute significantly to the pollination of crops.

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P.A.U.L Drinking water project

Conserving our resources makes it possible! Due to the many improvements we have been able not only to save resources and power, but also quite a bit of money.

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Mobile Campus Cars

Mobility is only a matter of planning. With sustainable well-thought-out transport routes and journeys we can make a significant contribution to climate protection. That's why we have our route planning ...

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Slow food Regional and fresh

The motto "Eat seasonally, shop regionally" does not only apply to domestic households. In the campus's own kitchen we use local produce and there is fresh fruit for snacks ...

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Several times a week there is an extensive lunch menu for employees and guests on the campus.

Stay hydrated Our soulbottles

Nichts erfrischt besser und ist so gesund wie Wasser. Mit unseren Soulbottles trinken wir das gesunde Wasser aus der Region und sparen gleichzeitig wichtige globale Ressourcen.

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